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Minus33 Full Length Sport Socks

Minus33 Full Length Sport Socks

A great Merino blend.  We wore these all last season.  They're warm, comfortable & wick moisture away from the skin 30% faster than any synthetic fabric.  A fantastic sock, and a great bargain at this price.  You'll want several pairs. 

  • 52% Merino lambswood, 35% polypropylene, 12% nylon, 1% spandex
  • Full plush cushioning throughout
  • Machine washable / dryable

Available in Medium (shoe size 5-9); Large (shoe size 9-12); XL (show size 12-15)

Sock size chart
Size Men Women    
Small 4-6.5 5-6.5    
Medium 6-8.5 7-9.5    
Large 9-11.5 10-12.5    
X-Large 12-14.5 13+    


Out of Small 

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